David Poninski
Product Designer

HomeKit Vehicle

Smart Home Meets Smart Vehicle

HomeKit Vehicle

Home App Flow

I wanted to map out the features that could be utilized. I think this is good for an MPV but I think there's more that could be explored here. We could look at how this integrates into CarPlay that possibly surfaces these controls as part of the dashboard.

Adding the Vehicle

Below I've mapped what that might look like to add the vehicle. This would mimic adding a regular HomeKit accessory keeping consistency. The QR code could be scanned from the inside of the door where you might find the VIN or possibly showing the QR code on the display.

HomeKit Vehicle

Vehicle Controls

There's a lot we could do here. From starting the car to locking the doors to temperature control or music control, we can see below how that interface might be surfaced.

HomeKit Vehicle


Putting some of this together, this is how it might look inside the home app.