David Poninski
Product Designer


GM Financial's Design System

Design Management

Creating a design system can be an effective way to manage design across multiple products. Using our design system, we can drive efficiencies and create consistency across an entire suite of products.



To start we wanted to take inventory of the current components that were being used and start to document them. We documented the design and usage.

Once we were able to capture the current state of components across products, we would them be able to start creating consistency in the areas that needed it the most.



One thing the design team wanted was a library to pull from. This was important for consistency as well as allowing the team to focus more on strategy. We built an easy way for designers to quickly create designs and prototype using the same components across all products.


Syncing up with Development

Having a UIKit and a single source of truth was great but it didn't get that same consistency in production. The design team partnered with the development to create a single source of truth with development using design tokens and tight integration with front-end engineers.